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"It took me a long time to free myself from the concern about what classical and contemporary musicians would think of my crossing traditional boundaries. Now, I feel bound only to quality - on both sides of those boundaries. This is what makes me really happy."


Manuel Druminski received an excellent education as a classical violinist in Munich. During his studies, he founded the band einshoch6 together with a group of friends; a crossover project between hip hop and classical music. With einshoch6, he began to expand his network in the world of modern music and met many artists as well as notable producers. To date, he still regularly plays in many other bands.

Manuel Druminski appears in shows across Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Africa (Nigeria) and South America (Columbia and Chile). He mainly plays pop, gospel, funk and film music. Apart from that, he regularly joins the improvisation band Drumaturgia and Friends.

He accepts invitations of numerous well-known festivals world-wide and connects with prominent people of all kinds of different musical styles, from Julia Fischer and Misha Maisky to Giora Feidman and Brenda Boytkin, from Lutz Krajenski and Thomas Rabitsch to Donnie McClurkin, Travis Greene, Don Moen, and many more.

In cooperation with Maryam Anita Khosravi and her "MAK Company", Manuel Druminski fuses the classical sphere of his roots with the hip hop street dance environment. Project "FOUR" emerges, in which Manuel Druminski performs as part of the choreography whilst playing the virtuoso "Four Seasons" by Vivaldi.

With all his facets of being a virtuoso on the violin, his dance moves, being a composer and improvisation artist, Manuel Druminski broadens his horizon with every new encounter in his musical activities, going further than all rigidly defined constraints of a classical musician, and forever seeking to expand the entire panoply of his artistic facets even further.